About Monte Car Service

Monte Car Service is a company from Angola based in Zona Industrial Pesada of S. Pedro, on the road-Caala Huambo, Huambo province.

The main activity is the representation of Toyota, Hino, Renault, Renault Trucks, Nissan and Randon brands for the province of Huambo and Bié. In this activity, we highlight other representations which highlight Sonangol with the Kapango gas station in Huambo and agency official tractor CASE.

Monte Car Service is a company under Angolan law and its main shareholder Monte SGPS group with wide representation in Angola, particularly in construction and environment companies like Resurb.




January 2007 – Monte Car Service starts its activity in Huambo in the Light Industrial Zone of St. John Numas poor facilities – possible to date – with nine employees. Already at this stage develops its main activity in the agency of TOYOTA, trying to offer differentiated services despite all its limitations.

March 2008 – Start of operation of the gas station SONANGOL Kapango – PAK. At the time was the largest gas station in town, with completely new infrastructure. It was the first unit in the current model of Huambo SONANGOL four islands with supply, convenience store, vacuuming and washing. 30 workers are recruited for this new challenge.

May 2008 – Start of construction of existing facilities. The draft implementation, it had to be a difficult task or the difficulty of execution, either by the tight deadline, either by the difficulty of supply of materials and hiring of specialized services.

February 2009 – Ten months after the start of work and after a very considerable investment for the province of Huambo, the facilities were inaugurated on 21 February by the governor, Mr. Albino Malungo. The Monte Car has at this time a herd of about 90 workers. By this time represented the line of automotive paints by CIN Paints RM concession in Angola.

January 2010 – Monte Car Service is the largest TOYOTA official agent in Angola. It begins the adventure of motor sport trophy in the national rate.

January 2011 – Home of the representation of CASE tractors through its importer Multiauto.

May 2011 – Home of the representation of Castrol lubricants. The actual total passes for 114 workers.